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Presented by the pilots of Black Haze and Jasta 5.

Experience the joys and justice of RFM (Realistic Flight Model, a.k.a. Real Fun Mode).

Coming Winter 2007!  Currently open for team registration.

Campaign Time Period Status Downloads
FiF2.1 mid 1915 - late 1915 open for registration
FiF2.2 early 1916-late 1916 -- --
FiF2.3 late 1916-mid 1917 -- --
FiF2.4 mid 1917- early 1918 -- --
FiF2.5 early 1918-end of war -- --


Flanders in Flames was an online massive multiplayer campaign series and a modification of the very popular Dynamix/Sierra World War I combat flight simulation, Red Baron 3D. 

It was originally conceived by Ernst Leep and produced by Paul Lowengrin and Jagdgeschwader 1.  JG1's Wolfgang von Wellenhausen developed the flight models and Wilhelm Rheinhard the damage models. The series was conducted by JG1 for years, with the last one developed being Flanders in Flames X, which was played in early 2005.

Jagdstaffel 5 and the Black Haze Squadron have teamed up to continue making this exciting and challenging campaign available to the RB3D community.  With a few minor updates and (we hope) improvements, the series has been renamed Flanders in Flames 2.  Flanders in Flames 2 begins at the beginning of the war, just as the original did, and progresses chronologically to the end.   Each campaign with consist of 8 sessions held on consecutive weeks.

The flight and damage models used in Flanders in Flames that were developed by Wolfgang and Wilhelm are much more realistic than the stock MMP Normal Flight Model (NFM) and even the somewhat more realistic Advanced Flight Model.  The patches each represent a portion of the first air campaign and many of the stock planes have been replaced with alternate aircraft, appropriate for the time period.  

Wolfgang, Wilhelm, as well as others, put a great deal of work into the original Flanders in Flames.  Those in the RB3D community truly appreciate it.  Jasta 5 and Black Haze hope to do justice to their work and that everyone enjoys the return of Flanders in Flames 2!

FiF2 Development Team

January, 2007