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Red Baron 3D

Welcome to the world of Red Baron 3D (RB3D), the online World War I flight simulation game flown by armchair pilots from around the world!  Fly the skies when men were made of steel and planes were made of wood!  Have your wings pop off if you overstress them; black out if too many G's are pulled; deal with gun jams.  Learn to take advantage of each planes strengths or weaknesses and how to exploit your enemies'. 

Red Baron 3D (RB3D) captures the W.W.I era of aerial combat with missions that accurately reflect the talent and skill needed to be successful as a fighter pilot.

Getting Started

Red Baron 3D Software

RB3D is no longer produced or supported by the publisher.  There are still some copies floating around on the web for sale however.  


Something anyone wanting to get a copy of Red Baron should know:  There are are a few different versions of Red Baron, and that might be part of the explanation as to why copies for sale vary so much in price. Read on to find out which one you want.

RBII was a solo play version of the game.

History of Red Baron

A few years later, a super patch was released to allow owners of the RBII version to be "upgraded" to the new, Red Baron 3D version.


Separately, around the same time as the super patch being released for all the RBII owners, the Red Baron 3D version published by Sierra was released.  This is definitely the one you want, according to many in the community.


Many RBII copies are promoted and sold as "RB3D".  They are not the same.  You have to super patch it.


Most importantly, make sure that whatever you buy, it was actually published by Sierra/Dynamix.  There was another publisher called "Sold Out Software".  That one is junk.  Whatever you do stay away from it.

Download Red Baron 3D

Download RB3D

Once all the files are downloaded and unzipped, run the .exe program.  This will extract all the files into a default folder "c:\RB3D install".  (You might want to burn the extracted files to a CD for future use.)  Run the RD3D setup program to install the game.

Red Baron Game Manual

There are some basic tutorials available here and other various sites.


Essential Patches

Because the original manufacturer no longer hosts servers for RB3D, you will need the " Patch" to see current servers online. You will also need the Red Baron First Aid Kit.  It helps resolve installation issues, especially those associated with Windows XP.  


Windows XP

RB3D was originally written for Windows 95 and 98.  The community has designed patches which fix known Windows XP conflicts.  If you are installing on an XP platform, you should first check read the documentation associated with the Red Baron First Aid Kit.

The above essential patches and additional instructions necessary to get your crate off the ground (game working properly) are available courtesy of the fine mechanics of Jasta 5, an active online WWI flight sim group.  Visit their Mechanics Shop for additional tips on installing the game.  Highly recommended.


Community Links

Red Baron Online Multi Player Events:

Cold War (CW) - the new kid on the block, this fast paced, action packed flight model aims to please the gamer  who doesn't mind flying a plane a little "juiced" by the mechanics back at the base. 

Flanders in Flames 2 (FiF2) - advanced and realistic flight and damage models, big bombers, operable rear gunners, balloons and other immersive elements make this a longtime favorite campaign.

Great War (GW) - advanced and realistic flight and damage models, big bombers, rear gunners, balloons make this a very enjoyable campaign.

Red Baron World League (RBWL) - different units temporarily join together to make several different  teams that compete for the prized "Cup".

War Forces (WF) -  different units temporarily join together to make two large teams, one Allied the other Central, in order to see who can bomb more of the French countryside the fastest!

War Over Poland (WOP) - the war after the war for the polish frontier lands.  Featuring advanced flight models, big bombers, balloons and very challenging ground targets.